About Us

Greetings from the ladies of 504!

We are three college twenty-somethings who lived as dear roommates and close friends in apartment 504. While we have since graduated and gone our separate ways, we continue to live life to the fullest! This blog will be a conglomeration of precious memories, personal fashion, and little pleasures. We want to share our joy, laughter, and talents with the world!

Without further ado, meet the writers of “Peonies, Orchids, and Roses”:

Mara is 504’s glorious song of sunshine. Long locks flowing, beautiful smile in tow, and adorned in glamorous clothes, she will light up any room with her joy and laughter. With the singing voice of an angel, she melts the hearts of any who are privileged to hear her (and sometimes breaks them)! She has the gift of incredible compassion and the ability to love to the fullest. Whether she’s simply listening, telling amusing tales, or sharing the song in her heart, Mara is the friend who will continually be there for you. When she isn’t lighting up lives with her presence, she’s dreaming of the lush green land of her Irish heritage and watching romantic tragedies (Doctor Zhivago, Atonement, you name it). She especially delights in babies…seriously, you should try diverting her attention when there are little angels about. Mara graduated with degrees in Psychology and Catholic Studies, and hopes to be able to personally transform lives through her response to God’s call. In accord with her graceful outer and inner beauty, her favorite flower is a peony.


Mary is 504’s best-kept secret. She may seem like your typically perfect Asian, but watch your back – Mary is an avid prankster extraordinaire, a fit yogi, and her hobby contributes to one of the deadliest diseases in America: obesity. All joking aside, she is about the sweetest girl you’ll ever meet and is pretty much the best baker/cook in the Midwest. She dabbles in hipster ways, and recently discovered the comfy glory of leggings…welcome to our world, girl. Inside this pensive introvert is a passionate dreamer hungering to take on the world. Mary graduated with degrees in Biology and Catholic Studies, and aspires to be a ninja cardio-thoracic surgeon poet (God-willing she will cure a slew of diseases and discover a heap of natural remedies). True to her Vietnamese name, her favorite flower is an orchid.

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(Photo courtesy of Katie Hubly)

Emily is 504’s sweetheart. Almost everything cute, worldly, and feminine in our apartment belongs to her. Fond of photography, fashion, cats, and all that glitters, Emily is the girl to get you all dolled up for a morning tea party or a night out. She has exceptional taste in clothes, home decor, music, men…basically everything. According to her, one can never have too many books, too much tea, or ever be too old for fairy tales. Though she has studied in the Eternal City and traveled through much of Europe, Emily yearns to return and explore more of its secrets. She may believe that she is a cat lady in the making, but our only criticism of this beauty is that she spends far too much time drooling over Mr. Darcy (and most every other British gentleman). We’ve also gently broken the news to her that she probably won’t be able to find the entrance to Wonderland (sorry, sweetie). Emily graduated with degrees in Music and Catholic Studies, and is undoubtedly one of the most talented flautists you will ever hear. Being the essence of loveliness, it’s no wonder her favorite flower is a rose.

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We hope this blog will be a source of joy, laughter, and inspiration to all. Enjoy your visit and thanks for stopping by! Linger a while and come back often!