BBC Fever

The beautiful clothes, the accents, the castles, and the gorgeous country sides always draw me in. The brooding men, the spunky ladies, the wit and the charm of the characters, and not to mention the romance hold me down and keep me up to all hours of the night. All these things have made me a British TV junkie. It all began one Christmas when I received a collectors edition of the BBC miniseries version of Pride & Prejudice with Colin Firth and Jennifer Ehle. Ever sense then I’ve learned that I love British TV, whether it’s historical or not. This summer I’ve returned to my favorites, along with stumbling upon some new ones. So, I thought I’d share some of my favorites with you all, just like my books:

1. Downton Abbey
I’m sure most of you have heard of this one. I watched this a few summers ago on Netflix before the second season came out here. SO GOOD. You’ll be hooked, whether it’s the characters, the costumes, the sets, or Maggie Smith.

2. North & South

I love this miniseries to pieces. The main character, Margaret Hale, moves to an industrial town in the North of England during the 1850s. She takes up a friendships with factory workers and a love/hate/romance with one of the factory owners. It’s dramatic, the music is fabulous, and it pulls you in and makes you watch four 1 1/2 hour long episodes in one sitting. It’s called “North” on Netflix, so it’s a bit of a hidden gem.

3. Call the Midwife

So many babies! Call the Midwife follows the lives of a few midwives that live with nuns in a convent in Impoverished London. You learn about their lives and the lives of the mothers they help give birth. I just introduced this show to my roommates two days ago and they are already almost done with season two.

4. Doctor Who

This is another that you’ve probably heard of. It’s too hard to explain, so I’m just going to say watch it. The beginning might be tough, but once you get going you’ll be hooked!

5. Sherlock

Sherlock in modern times. He’s witty, weird, smart, and kind of crazy. The old stories are made new and have new twists. They’re great and very entertaining.

6. The Paradise

I mostly liked this show because of the costumes and the sets and then got hooked on the stories of the characters. It was just cancelled after the second season, but that doesn’t mean it’s not worth watching! It revolves around a country girl who goes to work in a department store, called the Paradise, in the big city. She comes to learn that she’s a very good business woman and helps the store become very successful.

Now, go get cozy with a pot of tea this weekend and embrace the British life!